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If you are looking for a professional and very thorough inspection of your investment, you've come to the right place. At Blue River Home Inspections and Services, Inc. we provide the best inspection service in Summit County with prompt reports at fair and affordable prices. Servicing Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Alma, Faiprlay and everywhere in-between.  See below a small sample of over 4,500 properties we have inspected throughout the area since 2001.

Photos of Past Properties Inspected in Summit County
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Beeler Road Lewis Ranch in Copper Mountain.  Inspection Fee $360
Commercial Space on Frisco Blvd.  Inspection Fee $200
Mountain Thunder Lodge Two Bedroom Condominium in Breckenridge.  Inspection Fee $200
Raven View Three Peaks in Silverthorne.  Inspection Fee $420
River Run Two Bedroom Condominium in Keystone.  Inspection Fee $150
Settlers Creek Townhome in Keystone.  Inspection Fee $270
Timber Ridge Two Bedroom Condominium in Wildernest.  Inspection Fee $150
Timber Trails Luxurious Home in Breckenridge $8.3 million
Tucker Mountain Inn Three Bedroom Condominium in Copper Mountain.  Inspection Fee $200
One Ski Hill Place Condominium in Breckenridge.  Inspection Fee $250
 47 FairView Circle, Box 1204, Breckenridge,CO 80424
Mountain Thunder Inspection

Blue River Home Inspections Blog


by Roger Hollenbeck on 11/11/15

I started doing infrared scans in the spring and include them free of charge in all inspections.  I feel this adds  a lot more value to the inspection and gives me a chance to do a more thorough job.  What I find myself doing is using the scan to help verify some issue I already found using traditional methods.  Like if I see insulation missing in the attic I can verify minor heat loss with an Infrared Scan or if I'm testing outside snowmelt system in the driveway I can verify it is working correctly.   So I use infrared scans as a tool to do my job and benefit the buyer. 

infrared camera use

by Roger Hollenbeck on 06/07/15

In April 2014 some inspectors announced the use of infrared camera during home inspections.  You will see my earlier blogs on that subject.  In March of 2015 I surveyed about 90 realtors in Summit County to learn what impact the infrared camera had on determining roof leaks or substantial findings during a home inspection.  This was very objective.  No opinions.  Just facts.   I had about 80 replies and only three of those identified instances when drywall was removed or flooring had been removed to find water damage.  Three in an entire year. Many said it was good for looking at under floor radiant heat and insulation.  So there's knowledge out there.  However my survey revealed that the infrared scans are not really contributing a significant amount of information about the home during the inspection except that a system is working ok.  From the realtors I learned the buyer's seem to like it and it's a good way to finish off the inspection.  So I bought one!!  Infrared camera scans are included with every home inspection by Blue River Home Inspections. 

Home inspector who used to be a Town Code inspector

by Roger Hollenbeck on 06/07/15

You would think that hiring a home inspector that used to be a Town code inspector would really be a benefit however one should keep in mind home inspectors are inspecting "used" homes.  Not homes that are in the process of being built or remodeled.  So all you're getting is someone who has been in a lot just finished homes that have been inspected over 12 months not 3 hours.  It's substantially different. 

Winter Inspections when roof shingles are not visible

by Roger Hollenbeck on 11/14/14

From middle of November until late March in Summit County Colorado often the roofs are covered with snow and the shingles are not visible.  So how do we inspect the roof? Often I can't but I can look for signs there may be roof issues by what I see around and under the roof.  

Around the roof.  If I see thick ice dams with huge icicles I can usually suspect the shingles above the ice dams, often in the roof valleys, may be damaged from ice removal efforts.   Ice dams are usually a sign of poor roof ventilation as well. Late February and March I start seeing water in the form of ice leaking through the roof behind the fascia and through roof soffits and vents.  This means the roof is leaking.  Fortunately and hopefully the water is still outside the walls of the house. There is still time to have the snow removed before water damage inside the house occurs. 

Under the roof.  If I can get into the attic and look at the underside of the roof sheathing I can see if water is leaking through the roof at roof valleys.  I also look at the plumbing vent stacks at the roof sheathing.  If I can see a lot of daylight around the plumbing vent this tells me the stack boot gasket on the roof is cracked and damaged and should be replaced.   If I can see the boiler, furnace or fireplace chimney at the roof sheathing I look for water infiltration from those penetrations as well.   I also look at the ridge vent from the attic side and if I see any daylight there I know the shingles on the ridge vent are missing.   It's all about being thorough and getting up into the attic even though it can be a tight squeeze at times!!!

asbestos sampling in summit county colorado

by Roger Hollenbeck on 08/18/14

I do not sample for asbestos in ceiling materials or walls etc. but as far as I know anyone can take their own samples to a lab to have the materials analyzed for substance content.  As far as I know you can take samples or even ship them to 

Aerobiology Labs, 780 Simms St. ste 104 Golden CO  80401  te. 866-620-9348

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