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Pre-Purchase Home Inspections (Potential Buyer)
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Pre-Listing Home Inspections (Owners)
​This type of inspection generates a list for the general contractor on a new home to work through to best complete the home. In addition to the normal inspection, blue tape is used to mark in-perfections in finishes and other components that need completing that are not normally identified during an inspection of a house that has been lived in. This may included scratches on cabinets, 
stains on floors and walls and perhaps loose plumbing or electrical fixtures. 
We offer both custom pre-home purchase inspections and pre-listing inspections.   At Blue River Home Inspections, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

New Home "Punch List" Inspections
On this type of inspection we produce a list of major and minor issues related to health, safety and system defects. I summarize the major issues on the second page but it is up to the buyer to decide what issues ultimately should be addressed by the seller. Some limitations to the inspection can and do arise and are listed on the final pages of the report. 
On this type of inspection we produce a list of issues that the owner can review and decide what to repair or address in advance of an offer. The seller can deal with any potential major issues at their own pace which may result in a better negotiating position with contractors. The seller has the opportunity to address the list of minor issues that may clutter a subsequent inspection report. In certain cases this strategy may improve a contract negotiating position. This inspection may also identify limitations to any subsequent inspection that should be addressed as these can and do delay the due diligence process of real estate contracts.