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If you are looking for a professional and very thorough inspection of your investment, you've come to the right place. At Blue River Home Inspections and Services, Inc. we provide the best inspection service in Summit County with prompt reports at fair and affordable prices. Servicing Breckenridge, Dillon, Frisco, Silverthorne, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Alma, Faiprlay and everywhere in-between.  See below a small sample of over 4,500 properties we have inspected throughout the area since 2001.

Photos of Past Properties Inspected in Summit County
Blue River Home Inspections
Beeler Road Lewis Ranch in Copper Mountain.  Inspection Fee $360
Commercial Space on Frisco Blvd.  Inspection Fee $200
Mountain Thunder Lodge Two Bedroom Condominium in Breckenridge.  Inspection Fee $200
Raven View Three Peaks in Silverthorne.  Inspection Fee $420
River Run Two Bedroom Condominium in Keystone.  Inspection Fee $150
Settlers Creek Townhome in Keystone.  Inspection Fee $270
Timber Ridge Two Bedroom Condominium in Wildernest.  Inspection Fee $150
Timber Trails Luxurious Home in Breckenridge $8.3 million
Tucker Mountain Inn Three Bedroom Condominium in Copper Mountain.  Inspection Fee $200
One Ski Hill Place Condominium in Breckenridge.  Inspection Fee $250
 47 FairView Circle, Box 1204, Breckenridge,CO 80424
Mountain Thunder Inspection

Blue River Home Inspections Blog

Got log deck railings???

by Roger Hollenbeck on 05/17/14

Log deck railings are notorious for rotting if not well maintained.   Funny thing is sellers with rotten log deck railings often try to fill the rot in with wood filler then paint  the entire deck railing, like all the sections,  with solid stain to hide it!  Got watch out for that!!  

Fourth level of Bonding

by Roger Hollenbeck on 05/17/14

Today I noticed one more level of bonding with the house you are purchasing during a home inspection.  Bring three grandparents and two small children.  If one of the grand parents is an ex-builder that's even better.  Plenty of helpers inspecting the property and pointing things out.  I love it!! 

WIFI Speed test

by Roger Hollenbeck on 05/15/14

I just learned how to test the WIFI speed in a property!!  This should not be considered an inspection category but simply an add-on service like a warranty. 

See the test presentation on the website 

Buyer's attending the inspection Three stages of "Bonding".

by Roger Hollenbeck on 05/11/14

I have done over 5,500 home inspections in Summit and Park Counties in Colorado and on many occasions the buyer attends the inspection.  I always encourage this because they learn first hand how serious the issues I discover are.  It also enables me to get the buyers into the "bonding" mode.  When buyers attend the inspection most of the time there are no realtors around so they can talk candidly about all sorts of things.  I have found there are a few stages of bonding.

1.  They viewed so many properties they forgot what property they are purchasing.  They want to confirm. 

2.  They want to visualize themselves, family and friends in the property with regards to storage, furniture, spaces for everyone and the short and long term future of themselves in the property.  I offer my tape measure and they measure the rooms and make initial judgements and decisions.  This is a very important stage in the purchase process and helps the buyer get comfortable with the tangible side of the process. 

3.  In addition to #2  buyers are also interested the advantages of the location of the property they are purchasing relative to the proximity of the nearby amenities like ski slopes,  hiking and biking trails, shopping and HOA expectations if applicable.  This is also an important stage because this has them looking beyond the closing date and well into the future.  

I am well aware after the inspection the buyer's will spend some quiet time in their car going home and dreaming and talking about the property.  I've been there and it's important they have a realistic idea about the property.  I say the more bonding the better!

Home Energy Audits

by Roger Hollenbeck on 05/11/14

As home energy audits are becoming more common in Summit Park County Colorado I recommend asking the auditor about terms of their warranty if any as well as any experience they have with moisture control.   Home energy audits reveal where cold is infiltrating the house and where heat loss occurs.  Sometimes the auditors can "prescribe" measures to take to minimize both.  

Here's what happened last month.  I did an inspection of a home in Summit County, CO and in the crawl space I found insulation had been installed all over the concrete foundation wall and wood rim joist but none between the floor joists under the house. A plastic moisture barrier was installed on the dirt floor of the crawl space but not sealed to the foundation wall or at the seams.  During the inspection I found substantial mold growing on the foundation wall and rim joists.  I found out later the seller had an energy audit done before listing the house and was told to install the insulation and vapor barrier in this manner. The insulation subsequently trapped moisture that was infiltrating the crawl space through the gaps in the moisture barrier causing the mold to form. This may have been a case of the auditor prescribing incorrect information or the installer not following directions correctly.   

I would keep in mind that if an energy audit is done on a house and recommendations are made by the auditor to improve the heat loss occurring, a moisture control contractor be consulted as well to make sure you're not creating a situation where mold can occur as a result. 

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